Health and Longevity

If nature didn’t have an intention to keep you alive, you would be dead. Even now, you are alive not because of the medicine you take or the health check-ups and hospital consultation you go to, but because nature still intends that you should live. It is because of the life process that you are living, not because of medicine. Medicine can play around a little bit. It cannot create life as such.

This very body that you carry was created from within. You provided raw material from outside, but the creation process happened from within. That means the source of creation or the manufacturer of the body, is within. Trying to fix health from outside is a very effortful process. If you keep access to the innermost core, health will be a natural phenomenon. Thinking that it is something that you have to manage from outside is wrong perception.

Today, it is common medical knowledge that every cell in the body is naturally programmed for health. If it is programmed for health, why would it work against you? Let us make a distinction between infectious and chronic diseases. An infection is an invasion by external organisms. It is kind of a war-like situation. You need chemical warfare to kill them. But more than 70% of the ailments on the planet are chronic. That means they are self-created from within your own body, by your own system. Why would this system, which has an immense desire to exist and survive, create an ailment or something against itself? Because somewhere, some fundamentals have gone off-track. If you keep in touch with the innermost core, which is the source of creation and maker of this body, health is not something that you need to discuss or aspire for. If you keep this system in a certain way, health exudes by its own nature.

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