Will Technology of the Future Become Boon or Bane?

 Right now, ninety percent or more of humanity lives by their physiological and intellectual capabilities. But everything that you can do, a machine will do in future. Anything that can be built by storage of memory, access to memory, analysis of this memory and expression of this memory, everything that you are doing through your intellect, thinking that is you, will be done by a machine at some point.

Once machines start doing this, it is inevitable for you to explore the deeper dimensions of who you are. And that will be a great day, because that means we are on a holiday. We will not work for a living. Then we can look at life in a completely different way.

If anything needs to happen, a certain amount of human energy, time, and resource has to be dedicated to it. So, we have to invest in consciousness. Till now, we have been investing only in our survival. But once these technologies start becoming a reality, survival will not even be an issue. When survival is not an issue, we will definitely start investing. But the sooner we invest, the lesser the aberration when we move into these new possibilities that technology will open up. 

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