How to Stay Focused

Do not try to bring focus. Try to get involved in something. If you are deeply involved in something, focus naturally comes. Where there is no involvement, if you try to bring focus, it will be torture; focus will not come.

For example, most children experience their textbooks as torture. This is not because what is written there is not interesting. Many phenomenal things are packed into a small textbook, but it may be written in an uninteresting way. It is simply because of the way it is presented. If you get children involved in something, you do not have to worry about their focus. They will be absolutely focused all the time. The same goes for you.

Without being engaged and involved, if you try to keep your mental focus, it will only lead to torture. It will not lead to wellbeing. Whatever you are trying to bring focus on, instead of trying to bring focus, your life has to become a love affair. 
Suppose you fell in love with a neighborhood girl. Do I have to tell you to stay focused on this girl? No. She will rule your mind. So you just have to fall in love with something. Initially, when your hormones fire, your love affair may only happen in these kinds of things. But if you fire up by your intelligence, you will see you can fall in love with anything that you wish. Then being focused naturally happens.

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