How to Test Phone’s Water Resistance Seals using an App?

An app on the Google Play Store can help you test your phone’s water resistance seals without using a single drop of water on the phone.

Water Resistance Tester app checks IP67/IP68 water resistance seals on the phone by using the barometer built into the phone. It measures changes to the pressure level when the phone is pressed firmly.

When the water resistance seal is no longer intact the pressure changes will be very minimal. The seals generally become compromised with drops of liquid and device aging.

Users can use this app to verify if their new water-resistant phones have their seals intact or whether they are defective, and can return the phone if found defective.

While buying a phone, users can also ask the seller to run the app and show a picture of the phone with the app displaying that the water resistance seals are still intact.

They can also verify that a second hand phone that is water resistant still has its seal intact.

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