Job Hunting

With the world of accounting and finance changing rapidly, professionals need to prepare for the job-hunting process. Here are some tips

In this transformed world, finance and accountant professionals need to reimagine ‘jobs’ and think differently and more laterally about what careers could look like. Continual upskilling is important in one’s progress. As organisational structures become more fluid and traditional hierarchies are reimagined, organisations look for broader skills and opportunities are abundant for those who are willing to adapt rapidly to fast-changing environments. Here are some tips for accounting professionals to prepare better for the job-hunting process

Know what you want

Rather than sending your CV out to every opening you come across, reflect on what you actually want. Often, candidates may end up applying and interviewing for jobs they later realise they’re not interested in. Having a clear idea of the kind of role you are looking means you need to apply only for positions aligned with your goals. This may require some deep thought about what exactly you want from your profession, and where you see yourself in around 10 years’ time. Candidates should also take into consideration their own individual strengths, interests, and technical and soft skills.

Be organised

It might seem basic but an organised approach to job hunting can reduce the stress involved. Create a list of all the jobs you want to apply for, and regularly update it to track the progress. This list should contain relevant information like company name, and contact information of the recruiter. Now, there are several digital tools to make this process easier. Keep a written record and mark your calendar for any meetings, discussions, or interviews. It is also imperative to take notes. This may seem cumbersome, but reduces confusion and acts as a back-up in case you forget something.

Time management

An important part of being organised is inculcating time management skills. Job hunting can be a long process that requires discipline. It is most effective to set a particular time in the day to focus on it. Remember to choose a time when you are highly productive. You will also need to schedule and prepare for interviews.


Following up on with a thank you and a short message is often considered polite. A phone call, email, or LinkedIn message should do. Candidates who follow-up may receive valuable feedback that can help further with their application process.

There may be a lot of uncertainty right now, owing to the pandemic, but all applicants must remember that accounting professionals are essential cogs in the economy. Job seekers must maintain a sense of confidence and hope because, despite the challenges, there is definitely a spot that they can fill and is aligned with their unique career goals and skill sets.

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