How to find out instantly if someone else logged into your Facebook account and recover it too?

The Internet can be a very dangerous place. One of the worst fears of Facebook users is about someone else logging into or hacking their accounts. On the web, there are malicious users and groups targeting individuals in order to gain access to personal information, hold data to ransom and disrupt important communications. The average user can be affected by account fraud, phishing, and account hacking. Users don’t need to be targeted by hackers alone, they can be at risk from a former partner, a family member, a former friend or anyone else who has managed to get a hold of their Facebook account password.

However, thanks to modern technology, many social media networks and online services now show users if their account has been logged into by someone else. So, if you suspect someone has managed to gain unauthorised access to your Facebook account, you can follow these steps to recover it from them and then block them out permanently.

Check your devices for unrecognised Facebook logins

To find out if someone else has logged into your Facebook account without your knowledge, all you have to do is log in by using your desktop browser or using the app on your smartphone. Go to the Settings section and tap or click on the “Security and Logins” option and look for the “Where you’re logged in” section on the page. You can now see a list of devices where you are currently logged in using your Facebook username and password. It also shows details about where the account was accessed from, as well as the device that was used. You can log out individual devices if you do not recognise some of the entries. If you only use Facebook on a couple of devices, you can simply use the “Log out of all sessions” and sign in again on your devices.

How to stop anyone else from signing into your Facebook account

Turning on two-factor authentication is one of the best ways to protect your Facebook account. You can enable it by going to Security and login settings and scroll down to “Use two-factor authentication” then click on “Edit”. You can then choose to receive SMS codes on your phone number, log in using a 3rd party app like Authy or Google Authenticator, or use a security key on your account for extra security. Once you turn on two-factor authentication, anyone who tries to log in to your account will need not just your password but also your two-factor authentication code to log in to your account.

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