PDF Passwords a headache? Get the power of ‘Ctrl + P’, remove them Online

How many times have you been left frustrated when a PDF file opens and it demands a password to show you the content? You, probably, have no idea what the PDF password is or it will take time for you to figure it out or search it out. So, you spend that frustrating time or perhaps, just abandon the file. Well, just check out our PDF password remover online – free version and paid too.

PDF pass word protection

PDF files are important. There are many ways to share documents over the internet, but one of the most convenient methods is to use the Portable Document Format – popularly known as PDF files. These files store detailed information, images and can reproduce documents in their entirety in digital format. Another useful feature offered by PDF files, similar to Microsoft Word, is the ability to set a password to protect its contents. This feature is used by banks, utility companies and other services in order to protect your private information such as your address and billing details which can be found in those documents.

To remove PDF passwords, remember the old one first

To make things easier, you can manually remove the PDF password before sharing it with them. This means that after sharing such a file, users will be able to open it without having to type a password.

However, it’s important to remember that one can only remove PDF password if you remember the original password. To know more about how to remove password from PDF, don’t miss our handy guide below.

Remove password from PDF using Google Chrome

Step 1: Open the file using Google Chrome, instead of your default PDF application, then type in the password to unlock the PDF file.

Step 2: After the PDF successfully unlocks, it is time to remove the password. Press Ctrl + P on Windows or Cmd + P on macOS to bring up the “Print” dialog box.

Step 3: Instead of choosing your default printer, look for an option called “Save as PDF” or “Print to PDF” to save the document to your computer. You can also try this method on other modern browsers.

Removing PDF password using Adobe Acrobat DC (Requires subscription)

Step 1: This process requires a paid subscription to Adobe Acrobat DC, which provides these features. Once subscribed — or registered for the trial, open the Acrobat DC app.

Step 2: Go to the Tools menu, then click on Protect, then Encrypt and then click Remove Security.

Step 3: If the PDF has a password to open the document, users will have to enter the password before removal. If it has a permissions password, they will have to enter it again and click OK twice to remove PDF password.

Remove PDF password using Android phone

Step 1: Open your PDF using the built-in PDF viewer. You will need to enter the password to unlock the file.

Step 2: Tap the menu icon, then tap on share and find the Print icon. You can specify the destination as ‘Print to PDF’ to save the file without a password in that location.

Step 3: Now tap save, to export the file to your phone’s internal storage. It can now be shared without having to enter the password.

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