Innovative and Interesting

Check out some unique course options abroad that also offer an opportunity for a dynamic career.

As students look to move abroad for higher studies, they also look for innovative courses, which not only help in career options but also make them stand out among a crowd. Here are some interesting options.

Canada: Game Design and Conflict Studies

As the gaming industry continues to grow, institutes like Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver and Vancouver Film School offer options for those who would would like to explore this world. For those interested in geopolitics and want to understand why wars happen, check out the Conflict and Peace Studies and other courses at Royal Roads University, Victoria.

The U.K.: Footwear and Jewellery

you eat, breathe fashion, and believe in footwear being an essential part of your outfit, you can pursue a course in shoe-making from the London College of Fashion. The course offers all-around knowledge on making footwear both aesthetically pleasing and functional. For those who have a yen for jewellery, there are courses on jewellery making available at the University of Art, London, and the University of Hertfordshire that involve just developing motifs but also the study of different metals and making them into fine pieces.

The U.S.: Naval Architecture

Over the last few years, the growth of shipbuilding and marine navigation technologies have resulted in the establishment of different dedicated fields of study. Naval architecture offers diverse job opportunities across the world both in private and government organisations. Institutes like Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, and University of Massachusetts, Lowell offer interesting options.

The U.S.: IoT and HCI

As technology rapidly transforms the world into a complex and dynamic system, a course in the Internet of Things (IoT) looks at sensors, user interface, JavaScript, or Python, networking, circuits, etc. Another fascinating course is Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) or a study of the relationship between computers and humans that is most likely to be the future. Check out courses in institutes such as Georgia Institute Of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University.

Australia: Wine Tasting

If you aspire to become a sommelier or a wine taster, why not pursue a course in the winery? Institutes like Sydney Wine Academy and The School of Wine among others in Australia offer courses in the winery. In addition, you can explore some of the best courses in Nutrition Science.

New Zealand: Dairy Technology

The traditional dairy industry has largely seen a focus on dairy farming. But, with the advent of technology, courses in dairy technology allow studying milk processing and how dairy products can evolved using advanced technology. Some of the renowned dairy technology courses are offered by institutions in New Zealand.

Other interesting courses to explore include Global Health, an integrated study of fields such as epidemiology, medicine, economy, and the behavioural sciences; Agricultural Science, which looks at aspects such as technology in food production and cultivation patterns; Financial Engineering and Risk Management, which is not just about setting up a business but also understanding the risks involved; and Brand Management, which offers an understanding of competitive brands, consumer needs and promotional tools.

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