How to strengthen Hips and Knees

Glute abduction exercise works the hips hard and is especially helpful if you run

Glute abduction Like the crab walk, this works your hips hard by driving your knees outward (known as abduction), but, because the hips are more flexed, you will activate the gluteus maximus in your bottom (the largest muscle in the body) much more. This exercise will support your back, and is great for hip and knee stability, which is especially helpful if you are a runner.

a) Place the band above your knees and come to sit at the edge of a chair. Place your feet on the ground, directly underneath your knees and lean forward (hingeing at the hips). Place your hands on your hips for stability and to hold your pelvis in place.

b) Drive your knees outwards against the band, performing this movement for 25 repetitions, without stopping.

Beginner Exercises

  • Clam exercise: A basic glute medius strengthening move.
  • Bridge exercise: A hamstring and glute strengthener.
  • Plank exercise: This basic strengthening exercise can improve overall core biomechanics.

Intermediate Exercises

  • Side plank: This basic hip abductor strengthening exercise can improve alignment.
  • Lateral mini band walking: This simple exercise can improve the strength of the glute medius, which helps pelvis and knee stability.
  • Single-leg bridge: This one is a slightly more advanced way to build stability.
  • Lunge with a twist: Adding a twist to the lunge improves core stability.
  • Weighted step-ups: This simple and effective exercise improves strength and power without excessive stress on the knees or hips.
  • Squat: The basic full squat is the overall best lower body strengthening exercise. Just be sure to do it correctly.

Advanced Exercises

  • Walking lunge: These can be performed with or without weights to improve strength and balance.
  • Lateral plyometric jumps: These are side-to-side moves to improve hip mobility and strength.
  • One-leg squat and reach: This exercise builds strength and stability in both the lower body and core.
  • Overhead lunge: Increase the difficulty of the basic lunge and add core stability by holding weight overhead.
  • Plyometrics: Plyometric exercises build explosive strength and help reduce the risk of knee ligament injuries when performed correctly.

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