Today is the Best Day

Do you often find yourself daydreaming about the past and reliving your “glory days”? Our lifespan does not come with a guarantee, so we must ensure that today, not yesterday, is the best day of our life.

Somebody is thinking about the future, somebody is thinking about the past, nobody seems to be here! You must talk to the older people. They will say, “Oh, when I was in school, when I was in college…” Have you heard these talks? When they were in school and college, they were cribbing just like you. But now they look back and see how lousy they have made their lives, and suddenly school life looks wonderful.

If you are always thinking the past was better, that means you are not doing well right now. Yesterday should not be the best day. Today should be the best day of your life because you have one more day’s experience. So, should you not make this the best day of your life? Make your life in such a way that today is the best day of your life.

If yesterday was better than today, this means we are not doing life, we are dealing with death. It is not a good thing if something that is dead is better than what is alive right now. Yesterday is dead. If dead things are better than living things, it means we are not making much of our lives.

Do not worry about those people and these people. Just make this the best day of your life. What will you do if you die by the end of the day? “No, no, I am not going to die.” There is no such guarantee. Is there a guarantee either for you or me that we are going to be around tomorrow? We want to be, but there is no guarantee.

So is it not very important that you make today the best day of your life? If you keep doing this, you will see, in twenty-five years, people will think you are a great human being. Everyone will want to be around you. With twenty-five years of experience, your best day will be so high up, everybody will want to have a piece of it. That is how it should be.

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