Degree vs Experience

What puts one resume ahead of another? Educational qualifications or practical work experience?

Today, employers are increasingly beginning to value skills over degrees. This means that jobs that require soft skills, experience, and creativity, don’t require specific educational qualifications as a hiring criterion.. Although it may seem like a new concept, it is not. In fact, some large corporations have begun to do away with degrees being a requirement for hiring. Here are a few reasons why employers value experience over a degree:

Application matters most: Theoretical knowledge of concepts and subjects could help frame things. However, only work experience leads to practical application. Therefore, in a modern workplace, prior experience could trump a degree.

Experience tells: All the work that you have done and projects you have completed professionally are unique to you and allow you to remain a step ahead of the competition. We live in a world where unique and creative people are valued above the rest. Thus, gaining experience in your field allows you to create your own approach to problem-solving, cognitive skill, while others stick to the script.

Creates an identity: You would have probably come across an individual who has a degree in a particular field, but then realised that it was not his/her calling. This is usually because he/she tends to follow the pack and study a subject that he/she has no interest in. It happens due to a lack of self-knowledge. On the other hand, gaining hands-on experience at a job allows you to discover your strengths and weaknesses. It opens you up to yourself in a way that helps you understand where your true passion lies.

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