Does higher education abroad give more opportunities?

An international education is widely considered to add a greater value to one’s life. Post pandemic, this trend seems to have gained traction. Independence, a high standard of living, new cultures, and customs usually attract students to pursue studies abroad. There is a perception that this lays the foundation for a bright career. But does it truly guarantee a prosperous life?

Pros and cons

Studying abroad requires money; from tuition fees to other expenses, it can be unaffordable for many. However this where education loans come to the rescue. For students from middle income families, studying in a foreign university gives them a chance to break the cycle of mediocrity.

Another aspect is the pay. Once a student is placed after studying abroad, the pay in foreign countries is more. Even if they return and work in the home country, the global exposure the student has received makes him/her more ready to face challenges and gives them a better standing in terms of their package earned.

With foreign universities focusing on practice-based learning, students who have studied abroad are more ready to face the workplace as they have a deeper understanding of the environment and are better prepared to deal with the real world.

Apart from these, there are also other benefits such as self-growth, a better understanding of cultures, and developing linguistic skills. These do not directly influence career growth but help overall personality development. In short, studying abroad makes one a capable, responsible, and knowledgeable independent individual.

But, post-education success entirely depends upon the person and how he/she manoeuvres challenges and reaps opportunities. Studying abroad is a platform to experience diversity and different methodologies, but not a stamp to a bright future. One needs to work hard and build networks after the completion of education. Studying abroad may add a mix of flavour to your recipe, but making it right depends on you.

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