Why knowledge of building information modelling is important for civil engineers?

Exciting times are ahead for civil engineers with knowledge of Building Information Modelling.

If you are a civil engineer with extensive knowledge of Building Information Modelling (BIM), you can look forward to an exciting times. With one of the fastest growing economies and a booming construction industry aided by recent budget, several studies estimate a ‘predicted demand-supply gap of 44 million construction professionals in India’.

According to a recent report, the government is actively considering the use of BIM to fast-track construction work. The capabilities of BIM to consider time and cost as the fourth and fifth dimensions in the 3D modelling architecture dovetails to this requirement in focus.

What’s in store for Civil Engineers?

The change in Indian construction industry dynamics and government focusing on technological upgrades for infrastructural development has opened up a world of opportunities for Civil Engineers, specialising in the field of Building Information Modelling in India. Any candidate who is interested in pursuing a career in Civil Engineering must gain these skills to ride the wave. The broad frameworks in this field are:

Strategic BIM: Positions include Client facing roles, Business Development and Legal

Design BIM: Positions include Initial Design, Project Support and Project Communication

Construction BIM: Positions include Estimators, On-site Engineers and Modellers.

Specific job roles have evolved from the much-in-demand BIM Managers and BIM Designers to include specialised positions such as Structural BIM Modeller, BIM Modellers specific to Revit, BIM Technicians and Draughtsman (MEP i.e., Mechanical Electrical Plumbing), BIM Software Developer, BIM Consultants BIM Trainers, BIM Civil Designer, BIM Coordinator — Civil 3D, BIM 3D Civil Drafter, Civil Faculty, Civil Structural Design Engineer, BIM Sales Manager, and, the list goes on.


According to industry information aggregators such as PayScale and Crisal, a career in BIM in India for Civil Engineers can fetch a salary in the range of ₹3 to ₹19 lakhs, depending on expertise and experience.

Going forward, a civil engineer can position his/her career at the forefront of the construction industry if he/she is well acquainted with the evolving demands of the industry.

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