How to build a positive mindset?

Tips on how one can regain the drive to achieve one’s goals

How many times have you dragged yourself to your college or workplace? How often have you felt a complete lack of motivation or interest in your work or pursuing your career goals? Is it possible to overcome this professional or educational morass?

Lack of motivation is a common concern for many students. While some struggle to cope with academic pressure, others find it difficult to develop an interest in what they are studying or pursuing. Often, students choose a professional course because of social or peer influence. In some cases, this lack of motivation comes from classroom structures where teachers do not give adequate attention to a student’s individual needs. In other cases, it stems from unstructured thinking and lack of clear direction. Here are some ways to regain the drive to achieve your goals.

Discover your passion: No matter which field of academics you are pursuing, there will always be an area that excites and drives you. Many students go through their academic routines without any vigour or excitement. This results in shallow learning and low motivation. Your passion may not necessarily come from your academic field. Be theatre, music or writing, finding and pursuing a new passion helps reset your mind and makes it more focussed and driven.

Don’t study for marks: Academic learning can be dull and monotonous particularly if your teachers are don’t make an effort to make it more engaging and interesting. However, do not need to limit yourself to classroom teaching or course books. Education is a never ending subject, and the more you immerse yourself into it, the more you discover. Unfortunately, our education system is restricted by excessive focus on marks. Look at education as a vast expanse of learning, immerse yourself in different authors and read multiple books on your subjects until you find a narrative that strikes a chord with you.

Surround yourself with motivated people: The company you keep is a key determinant of your success (or failure). Being around people who are driven and motivated helps you stay focused. Make friends with people who share your passion, keep in regular touch with those who help you overcome your blues.

Learn new skills: While specialisation is always valued, the job market today requires multi-skilled individuals. Not only will additional skills make your resume more attractive, they will also equip you better for the industry. Learn digital marketing and social media communication skills, graphic designing and video editing, brush up presentation skills… Also consider learning music or a new dance form. Learning new skills sharpens your mind and keeps it active and alert.

Seek inspiration from powerful stories: Often, when we feel down and out, a powerful story of struggle and success tends to reinvigorate and inspire us. So, read inspirational biographies of people who overcame difficult odds to achieve their goals.

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