New to Running? mistakes to avoid and tips to follow

Running helps you to burn plenty of calories and improve your cardiovascular fitness, but there are some mistakes that starters might make. Here are expert tips to follow.

Running comes with multitude of fitness benefits. It not only helps you to burn extra calories, but also improves your cardiovascular fitness. There are some mistakes that beginners are prone to and must avoid at all costs in order to prevent injury to knee, and surrounding soft tissues.

Before starting your daily running routine, one must make sure that the muscles have the base level strength. Apart from strengthening muscles controlling the knee joint, it is also important to work on the hip and core pelvic floor.

People who are new to running are at risk of injuring their hamstrings as most of the people have tight hamstrings because of sitting or sedentary lifestyle. It is very important to stretch and strengthen hamstrings, glutei and ankle mobility and control before you start with a formal running programme.

even if one is a recreational runner, it is strongly recommended to invest time in working on these muscle groups. Apart from strengthening the muscles controlling the knee joint, it is important to work on the hip muscles and the core muscles. Another important muscle group but often neglected is the pelvic floor. Hence it is important to strengthen all these four major muscle groups.

Are you running in the right shoes?

A lot depends on your shoes and the terrain you are running on – whether it’s concrete, treadmill or beach. Most of us run on concrete or on the treadmill. Shoes play an important role as they help in shock absorption. If you are a recreational runner and you plan to run, it is recommended to invest in a pair of running shoes which are different from your trainers that you use in gym for workout etc. Running shoes provide for better shock absorption, more cushioning and motion control and also support the knee well.

Taking adequate measures before your start with your running programme will make sure you achieve your fitness targets rapidly without an injury playing a spoilsport.

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