How to set students up for success, better careers and enhanced quality of life ?

With the world moving towards being hyper-connected and the penetration of Internet, more people across the nation are becoming more accustomed to technology.

With this digital penetration, driving success and outcomes for students is becoming not just more efficient but also more probable. However, Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) in higher education is still a low 27.4%. We must use technology to move this to at least 40-50% in the years to come.

Here are some ways in which we can set students up for success, better careers and enhanced quality of life using high-quality content and cutting-edge technology.

Policy as an enabler for online education: The National Education Policy 2020 has probably given the biggest push to online learning in India. Imagine a learner in a remote part of the country like Ladakh or Port Blair, getting access to fabulous learning from a teacher of a premier university. This learning will be more inclusive, as costs will come down. Additionally, it will allow the possibility of using regional language as a learning enabler, for millions of Indians who have to deal with lack of access to an English education.

Hyper-personalisation of learning: Each learner is different, and personalisation of his/her learning journey will make the outcomes more successful. With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, hyper-personalisation of learning is possible, and the right content can be delivered to learners at the right stage.

Hiring on the basis of skillsets: Post-pandemic, one of the key ways to drive better success for learners is to create deeper engagements with prospective employers to hire not on the basis of an offline degree alone but to also consider deeper skill sets. There is a growing attraction towards upskilling with online learning and certifications and if these learners have better career prospects, outcome-based learning can become a reality.

Improving communication skills and career support: Communication skills are as vital to enhanced success as domain knowledge. Driving this critical section for students will help turn their goals into reality.

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