How knowledge of forensic science can help a law student?

Various law colleges and science schools have have introduced forensics as a specialisation.

Law is an extremely proactive and competitive field that tests your smartness. Even if you have pursued a Bachelor’s in Law from a top law school, deciding on the next step can be challenging. Most people opt for conventional career options such as criminology, corporate or civil law. However, not many are aware that the forensic sector holds great opportunities.

A combination of Science and Law might sound unusual, but it is one of the finest combinations. Forensic science is a systematic application of scientific principles towards the investigation of crime and collection of evidence. The latter could include traces of papers, objects, dirt and mud, blood, saliva, fingerprints, and much more. Forensic science uses a combination of physics, chemistry, and biology to identify and arrest the criminal, and present the evidence in court.

Diversified knowledge

The number of crimes, cyber and otherwise, has increased over time and criminals have also become cleverer in hiding themselves. Therefore, a legal aspirant needs to have diversified knowledge related to law, sciences, and business.

Having recognised this need, various law colleges and science schools have have introduced forensics as a specialisation. The field has further specialisations such as DNA forensics, trace/fingerprint evidence, ballistics, autopsy techniques, toxicology, modern computers/ clay facial construction, and more. Law students, with forensics as a specialisation, need to understand criminal psychology to solve cases. Therefore, law schools train students to conduct psychological assessments such as polygraph tests, brain electrical oscillation signature profile (BEOSP), narcoanalysis, which were not part of legal studies, earlier.

Since forensics science involves the scientific analysis of evidence, it plays a vital role in the justice systems of many nations. So, it is a desirable career path for law students who want a career that will give them a professional edge.

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