5 Potent Hygiene Habits that Are Barely Talked About

While good hygiene positively affects your health and boosts your attractiveness, poor hygiene will make you repulsive, prone to diseases, and even lower your self-esteem.

I’ll share 5 habits I see very few talking about — despite taking only a few minutes each, their impact is substantial.

Twirling a Thread Between Your Teeth

Go to any Reddit thread on “What are some of the best habits you can develop early in life,” and the word ‘flossing’ will stare back at you.

Reddit plus a close friend swearing by its benefits made me order my flossing kit. And thanks to an insanely helpful floss tutorial, in under 2 weeks, my flossing time went from a 10-minute ordeal to a sub-45 second breeze.

“A lot of people hate doing it, but you have to floss. It’s the most effective way to remove the material between teeth that toothbrushes can’t reach.”

Flossing threads are super cheap and this habit takes almost no time to perform. But the benefits are enormous — this habit is a no-brainer.

Scrubbing Your Soles

For years, having forgotten that my feet were a part of my body, I developed filthy and cracked old-man soles.

I’d never thought they’d show until I caught my reflection while wearing slippers. The soul-crushing cringe of it made me decide to start cleaning them.

Turns out, dirty soles have potentially lethal health effects as well — athlete’s foot, staph infections, and foul-smelling gangrene. This only hastened my urgency.

With only a month of meticulous scrubbing, my old-man soles took a 180-degree turn — smooth, bright yellow skin has replaced the erstwhile dirt, grime, and cracks.

“The actual act of scrubbing or brushing (not just rinsing with water) helps to exfoliate your feet — sloughing off dead cells and preventing calluses.”

Mining Your Ear Wax with Q-Tips

Sudden-hampered hearing and skull-splitting headaches made a friend of mine rush to the hospital. The reason turned out to be accumulated earwax.

If not hearing loss, stockpiling wax will dirty your earphones, make other people go “Yuck!”, and even spit out chunks of it randomly.

Just imagine being on a date and a gargantuan mucus glob falls out of your ear — yeah, that will be your last date with her.

Regularly cleaning your ears isn’t even hard. Get a large box of Q-Tips and post every shower, grab one, and lightly probe those ear canals. The tickling sensation is weirdly pleasing as well.

Exercise caution though. Probing too deep or with too much force can lead to injuries, infections, and potentially permanent hearing loss.

Mowing Your Nether Regions

The other day, a dude with a perfectly styled beard and a gleaming pigtail started doing seated shoulder presses next to me — and the stench of his messy armpit hair almost made me gag.

It’s all hair — where’s the sense in primping your facial hair and letting your body hair run amok?

Even if you don’t wear sleeveless shirts or are sexually inactive, trim your armpits and pubic hair — it keeps you cooler, prevents excessive sweating, and promotes pleasant body odor.

Want to go a step further? Trim your full-body hair — apart from making your look more aesthetic, it immerses you in a sense of cleanliness.

A good quality full-body trimming kit is an investment. Buy one and every month or fortnight, wield it. Want my clip length recommendations? I use zero for my armpits and nether regions. And 3 mm for my upper body.

Chewing Sugar-Free Gum

This is the cheapest and easiest oral hygiene hack ever.

While sugar-free chewing gums are1n’t replacements for brushing, the xylitol in them improves saliva production, deters cavities, and makes your gums healthier.

Gum-chewing also strengthens your jaw muscles and sharpens your jawline. And if it’s mint-flavored, you’ve just got yourself 24/7 fresh breath.

I almost forgot, it also improves your thinking — multiple studies have found attention-span boosts, heightened cognitive performance, and better well-being.

So, the next time you visit your friendly neighborhood supermarket, grab a large box of Wrigley’s spearmints — you get an entire bunch for less than a dollar.

Bonus: Before Bed, Splash Some Water on Your Face

Despite not being as rarely advised as the others, this is still underrated.

Going to bed with residues such as dirt, dead skin cells, bacteria, and sebum on your face can cause breakouts and worsen your skin conditions. Scrub all that off with a mild face wash.

The cool water will refresh and calm you as well. Moreover, doing this regularly before bed will build a mental association between face-washing and sleep.

And that means in time, face-washing will help you sleep better too.

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