Introduce circuit training to your workout

A walk can be so much more, if you carry a mat to the park and throw in these exercises too.

So you already go for daily walks in the park. But what if you could weave in circuit training while you are at it, to condition and build your body?

Circuit training has retained its popularity over the years and is probably the oldest form of high intensity interval training. One can do a pure cardio circuit or a cardio-strength circuit or a strength-only circuit. That’s the thing about it: it’s highly customisable for different goals and activity levels. Creativity along with intensity and safety is the key to design a circuit programme. Circuits can be done for time or repetitions.

Anyone who has been working out for a while can design one. You will enjoy circuits outdoors, but they can be done indoors as well. Walking can be done on a treadmill or on the spot if there is a crunch for space. I recommend a popular circuit design, using one’s own body weight. Total time: 45 minutes, excluding the warm-up and cool-down.

Body weight training and walk circuit

This is a full-body workout, with aerobic, anaerobic and power components. You may need a mat if you are outdoors. Switching from one activity to another has to be quick. Taking too much time to switch will bring down the intensity. You should feel breathless and sweaty during most of the training time. Carry a bottle of water and hydrate as and when required. Remember to stretch after.


Stop if you can’t cope, and bring down the intensity. If you need more recovery time, then walk at a moderate pace instead of speed walk. This workout is for the seasoned athlete and for beginners only under supervision. Check with your doctor if you have any medical history.


Walk for 5 minutes as a warm-up; walk another 5 minutes as a cool-down.

Station 1: After the warm-up, speed walk for 3 minutes, covering 400 metres. Stand on the spot and execute full jumping jacks for 1 minute, followed by chair squats for 1 minute. You can do full or half squats.

Station 2: Walk briskly for 3 minutes and do 1 minute of mountain climbing followed by 1 plank for 1 minute.

Station 3: Walk briskly for 3 minutes and follow it up with walking lunges for 2 minutes.

Station 4: Walk briskly for 3 minutes and perform push-ups for 1 minute followed by side planks for 30 seconds on each side.

Station 5: Walk briskly for 3 minutes and follow that with triceps dips for 1 minute, followed by bridging and pelvic lifts for 1 minute.

Station 6: Walk briskly for 3 minutes and sprint on the spot for 30 seconds. Follow that with a run for 1.5 minutes.

Station 7: Walk briskly for 3 minutes, and squat jump for 1 minute, followed by alternate side leg lift for 30 seconds on each side.

Station 8: Walk at a moderate pace for 4 minutes to bring the heart rate down.

Station 9: Lay yourself down on the mat and quickly do the following three exercises for 1 minute each: ab curls, oblique curls and reverse curls. Repeat twice.

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