Don’t have time to exercise? Simple and fun ways to increase your daily movement

From ditching lift and taking stairs to dancing while folding laundry, here are some simple and fun ways to increase your daily movement.

If you are someone who often struggles to take out time for exercise and leads a hectic lifestyle, you can still find ways to increase your movement during the day. According to studies, even trivial physical activities can increase metabolic rate substantially and have a positive impact on health.

–>> If exercising is too boring for you after wrapping up work, spend some time doing your favourite activity be it cooking or dancing to your favourite tune.

–>> If watching television is your idea of unwinding after a hectic day at work, then pace the hallway during commercial breaks.

–>> Use your kitchen counter as a standing desk for 1-2 hours of the day.

–>> Fidget while sitting or stuck in traffic.

–>> Put on some music and dance while folding your laundry.

–>> Walk around the block while picking up your mail or walk around the grocery store before filling up your cart.

–>> Take stairs wherever possible or park at the farthest parking spot so that you can walk.

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